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        Depend on your budget. Also unique features you wish to have.. more
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        lizer BIO 6000: low maintenance cost, BIO Energy Alkaline mineralizer HJL 619: controllable pH .. more
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      Point of Use (POU) System

      Point of Use (POU)-Safe, Fresh Drinking Water for Your Loved One


      POU typically filters water in batches for immediate consumption.  It is commonly install on kitchen top or under the sink providing clean, safe and fresh drinking water from your faucet.
      Drink Faucet

      Why POU has great impact on our health?

      Besides rust, mud & coarse particles, more importantly, POU removes Chlorine, in which its byproduct is carcinogenic.  In addition, POU allows many option to enhance water taste and quality.


      Advantages of POU

            Drink fresh from the system;


            Increases Alkaline for better health & wellness;

            Energizes and enhances taste;


            Safe & clean at your finger tip
            No more waiting for delivery ~ Improves privacy.
      Options of POU
      BIO6000 fits residential very well.  It is economical, use no electricity and durable!

      DL288 AL with built-in Ultra-Violet Sterilizer.  Fits well for restaurant, cafe & offices

      DL2307 Hot & Cold Dispenser.  Economical for large office, improves Security!
      DL2307 in pantry