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      Executive Summary


      Falling sick is burdensome financially, economically and emotionally not only on immediate family members but also on employer & communities at large.  Some people learnt the value of healthiness after they have fallen sick.  As we are still in a state of good health, what do we do to maintain our good health?


      Clean water is essential to maintain good health, it is our body's principal chemical component, comprising on average, 70% of our body weight. Every organ in our body depends on water ~ "silent nutrient" that many have overlooked or taken it for granted. Yet, next to oxygen, water is the most needed element to living.


      Providing clean water (notably Alkaline drinking water) to our family is one best investment. Theoretically, water from the treatment plant supposedly potable. However, the quality of water somehow suffered upon reaching our home due to leaks, illegal connections and old piping. Besides, most municipal water uses chlorine for disinfectant, in which its byproduct is carcinogenic.


      Clean water should be free from chlorine, sediment and coarse particle for a healthy living. we recommends a Total Water Solutions that includes

      • Point of Entry (POE): Centralized Filtration System for the entire building/ house;   
      • Point of Use (POU):  for drinking water directly from the faucet.

      The advantages of installing the Centralized Water Filtration POE System are: -

      1. Crystal clear, safe and clean water for cooking, food cleaning;
      2. Minimizes Chlorine for showering;
      3. Mud, rust free for laundry;
      4. Economical to install and maintain.
      5. Minimizes in-house pipe clogging, hence, minimizes pipe maintenance.