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      • [General FAQ's]
        Which one should I choose?
        Depend on your budget. Also unique features you wish to have.. more
      • [General FAQ's]
        Why are they priced differently? Why some are higher price than others?
        lizer BIO 6000: low maintenance cost, BIO Energy Alkaline mineralizer HJL 619: controllable pH .. more
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      General FAQ's

      General FAQ's

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      Q : Which one should I choose?
      A : Depend on your budget. Also unique features you wish to have
      Q : What are criteria in choosing a Water Filter?
      A : Basically, we need to ask:-
      Quantity: how much water do you need? How many gallon per week?
      Quality: what is your source? Manila Water/ Maynilad? Deepwell?
      Q : Some said NAWASA is potable, why do we need additional filtration?
      A : Theoretically, NAWASA water is potable. However, contamination occurs when water is pumped from the dam into your house via tens of KM of distribution network.. leak, illegal intrusion are some reasons of contaminations in distribution.

      There are 4 major concerns about drinking water
       Bacteria
       Sediment namely rust, mud, sand & suspended solids
       Chlorine~ its byproduct is carcinogenic
       Dissolved Solids (for uncontrolled, unchecked deep well source)

      Chlorine has been commonly used by NAWASA to kill bacteria, but its byproduct is carcinogenic, therefore we need to remove it before we consume;

      Sediment & suspended solids may not be harmful but we do not wish to have our body to filter it!

      Manila Water/ Maynilad supplies are relatively “soft” [far below allowable standard] because they are closely checked, monitored. Hence, the issue of Dissolved Solid should not be of a concern. However, those who consume unchecked supplies, namely deep well, they should take extra precautionary steps.
      Q : The above listed system is designed for Manila Water, Maynilad only?
      A : Yes, Only for Manila Water or Maynilad only.
      Q : Does Wellthy sell Reverse Osmosis System?
      A : Yes, we do. Our model DL388 is priced at P20,000 complete with Alkaline Filter.

      We only recommend DL388 if your water source is “hard” or high Dissolved Solids.
      Q : Is Alkaline water good for us?
      A : There are two schools of thoughts. One pro & One against.
      Proponent says: Alkaline water neutralizes acidity of body due to our imbalance lifestyle. There are numerous book written on it. See attached.

      However, those who Against it claims that: There is no clinical trial or test to prove it

      So it is up to you. If you believe it, take it. After all no harm drinking it.
      Q : What is the best pH level of Alkaline water?
      A : We believe pH 7.5~ 8.5 is a acceptable range. Those who wish to have pH more than 8.5, beware that it may taste “bitter”
      Q : Why Alkaline Water has strong taste? Odor?
      A : Most Filipino get used to purified or RO water. As said, RO system removes all Dissolved Solids, hence it is tasteless. Conversely, Alkaline water is a form of mineral water, it contains minerals. It is the mineral that alkalizes water. It is not odor. Therefore, the first timer may not get used to Alkaline water. Some may even experience LBM as part of healing crisis. Further, one would taste bitter if his/ her body is acidic.
      Q : I drink Alkaline water everyday, I should be healthy but why am I falling sick?
      A : Alkaline water is NOT a drug. It does not CURE. But it helps in health preventive maintenance. Similar example for Vitamin, even though we take vitamin diligently, it does not guarantee us from not contracting sickness!

      Human body is a kind of smart mechanism that it repairs by itself, but if we consistently abuse it, sooner or later, it may be exhausted, damaged beyond repair.
      Q : What are the differences between BIO6000 & Ionizer HJL619?
      A : Two common methods of producing Alkaline water
      - mineralization where mineral is added in filtration. BIO6000
      - electrolysis where water is broken into Alkaline & Acid. Ionizer

      The Japanese proponent believes that one important property of Alkaline water is its Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP) that -ORP is a form of antioxidant to counter react with free radicals in the body in which it detoxifies, slows down ageing and eventually bring health benefit to the consumer. However, such theory is being challenged and not clinically proven.

      Nevertheless, the higher –ORP does not mean superiority but again it depends on a person body if they can benefit from it. For example, 1000mg Vitamin C does not necessarily superior than 500mg Vitamin C, but it is still depends if one body can absorb it.

      Another distinction … pH of Alkaline water from mineralization is stable, low cost, cheaper in maintenance whilst pH of Alkaline water from Ionizer is not stable, its pH decreases overtime and loses its benefit after 24 hours. So as –ORP.
      Q : How do I test if my Alkaline water is good?
      A : Soak your vegetable into Alkaline water and see how fast it refreshes.
      Q : Recommended way of drinking water.. room temperature water
      A : Drink 500ml when wakes up before brushing your teeth, it hydrate your body
      Drink 300ml 30 min before lunch and dinner. It prevents from overeating
      Drink 200ml 1 hour before sleep. It hydrate your body
      Drink regularly, preferably 2 liters a day
      Q : How do I know if it works for me?
      A : Smooth bowel movement, frequent & clear urine, feeling healthy!
      Q : What are differences between those filter systems?
      A : Basically, all listed on our product catalogue produce SAFE DRINKING WATER
      Q : Why are they priced differently? Why some are higher price than others?
      A : Each model has its own unique features, for example
      W269: basic, lowest cost
      W2000 Stainless Steel Filter: elegant, presentable, 2 in 1 UK made filter
      DL288: high flow, comes with Alkaline mineralizer, UV Sterilizer
      BIO 6000: low maintenance cost, BIO Energy Alkaline mineralizer
      HJL 619: controllable pH